Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Week

Again a new week has arrived! For those of you following my new work worked pretty good. Sometimes I crocheted instead of going to the sewing room, but for the most part it kept me on track. I am half way through my baggie goal and loving the fabrics that I have found on my shelf!
This week will start with baggies, and then will turn into some custom orders! I love custom orders because you make something that you know the person will love! I can't wait to get started on those! Also, I am starting to get back on the treadmill, which feels great! This week I am going to amp it up a bit - no more "lazy" walking!

This past weekend I worked on some new projects. These pictures I have listed here are of my new hat and mitten set. It will be posted to my www.ciliciacrochets.etsy site in the next few days!

Stay inspired, Stay on track, and ENJOY whatever you are doing! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Let the countdown begin! 144 Days till Reopening!

It's time again for me to start thinking ahead to Memorial Day Weekend.

That is when I reopen the shop out at the Winery and the fun begins. Preparations start early, so starting today my new routine will be geared toward getting ready to open shop! I am so excited to open again and meet new people, see past customers, and enjoy the fun of the winery!

So today I am going to start on my reusable baggies...they were popular last year, hoping for the same this year! Looking through the fabric I am so excited to start working with it and see the outcome!

Have a wonderful day everyone...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Welcoming in a new year always seems fresh and new. Almost like a clean slate. Today I will evaluate what should be done in the new year. Today I will set goals. Today I will make resolutions. All of these things happen every year. This year however the evaluations, goals, and resolutions will not be those things that I usually fail at achieving every year, but will be things that will inspire me to be the best that I can be without the stress of failing on a resolution. Today I wish you and yours a great new year. I hope that you sit down and come up with a plan that is achievable in your own life, and not what you feel you will fail at even while you write it down. Make 2010 one of promise and hope and the best that it can be!

Happy New Year 2010 everyone!