Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Warrior Day 2 and 3

Hey everyone! It has been a long nice long extended weekend, which has helped me get a little further on my weekend warrior project!

Quilting is definitely an art. For those that are experts at this, I tip my hat! Understanding why something doesn't square up and how to fix it, is something to be learned. I spent the majority of day 2 creating 6 blocks that are not perfectly lined up and decided I needed to take a "first lesson" if you will, in quilting. So this morning(Day 3) I took some time to teach myself some new lessons. It was a good lesson and I learned much!

(top 6 "unperfect" bottom 2 "perfect")

First off- LOVE my steam iron. Second- Quarter inch seams are the key!

Finally today I got around to sewing two new blocks, and I think they turned out great! So now what to do about the first 6 that I did that are not perfect? To rip them out and re-sew. Or let them go and try and work it out later. The artist in me says leave it because art is not perfect, but the perfectionist in me says fix it fast! Time will tell-

I hope that you all can find something fun to do that will get your creativity flowing! Until next weekend, take care.

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Life Soap Simple said...

Makes me want to put a quilt together again.