Saturday, July 30, 2011

Embrace Life

Today while I lay in the sun, I got to thinking...Life is GOOD! I feel so happy right now, and why wouldn't I? Summer is here, I don't have to wear a coat when I leave the house, and there is nothing like some Vitamin D.

Then I got to thinking...this is all going to be over in a matter of months, weeks if you really think of it. School is almost here, the Lily's have had their show. Things are going to go dormant and the snow is going to fall.

That's when my mind went, ugh.

But only for a minute, until I started to think of all the good things about each season. For those that know me, know I don't like that one is hard for me. But I figured out something fantastic about each season, and thought of the great things that I will be able to do when the leaves fall, the snow comes, and the tulips come back next spring.

So I went back to thinking " Life is GOOD" , and it's good in any season!

So as we embark on the last weeks of summer, embrace it and take it all in, because the next season is coming and we have to be ready to embrace that one too!

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