Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Doing Daily"-June 12, 2011

Today is all about preparing for the week ahead. I am
organizing my thoughts and buying healthy groceries for
my family :)

cilicia signiture2


Michelle said...

Unfortunately this would be what I am doing with my Sunday late afternoon/early evening. I hate that it's working on a Sunday but prepping for a few hours on Sunday saves me soooooo much time during the week that I can spend with all my daycare kiddos. Did you pit th cherries or just wash then and store for later this week? We have our homemade cherry pitters (aka a bent paper clip) on the ready for the next few months while cherries are in season.

Cilicia said...

Actually, I don't have to pit my cherries because my kids can just spit out the pit. But I do have my hand Pampered Chef cherry picker, just in case :) I love to plan a week ahead. It makes the week run so smoothly!