Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Fun 2011

Hey everyone! A new week has arrived! What do you all have planned? What are you going to do today? That is the question most asked around here during the summer. I found an answer.

Today while scrolling through my new found idea haven- Pinterest. I found an idea to make a summer fun list that can be put on your fridge. The idea came from the blog: Shannonbrown.

Here is what our version looks like:

The space on the fridge where the usual papers from school go :)
Now filled with the fun and relaxation of summer!

All I did to make this, was to get my Creative Memories digital program up on
the screen and start creating! We used bright summer like things for our pictures
and when we were ready we printed it out at home. It took about 30 minutes total
and the kids are so excited to get started on this list!

Now I will have an answer when I get asked "What we will do today?" :)
Have a great summer!!

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1 comment:

shannon said...

we love summer fun lists! I'm so glad you're trying this out. Looks like a great list!